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  • Publishing Fundamentals

    $50/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I can handle all the publishing necessary work for a game developer or team. Let you focus on developing work itself without any distraction or concern. What I can do: 1. Localization (Chinese and English)...

    AnalyticsData CollectionData EntryData ManagementEnglish Language
  • game development

    $30/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I have a 7-people developing team, we can develop games by your needs. We have experience with casual games, turn-based RPG. Mainly use Unity. Not only game content development but also integrate necessary...

    2D Art2D Games3D Animation3D Games3D Modeling


Indie game development, Indie game publishing, project&product management

As a PM that have been working for 12 years, I am confident to handle all kinds of work about game and company management.

I have strong logic thinking.

-Even a project include some new aspects that I don't know before, I still can manage it well ASAP by quick learning&searching. The industry has its basic logic after all.

I have good work memory.

-I may not remember what cloth you bought in which shop with me after work but I definitely remember when,where&how you did the work in office. It will be taken as proof when I realize you don't do the work in the right direction. So don't try to say/do something wrong so that later I take it against you.

I can always serve you legally and creatively.

-I am quite creative, not designer' creative way but business creative kind. I can create some cooperation mode by my acknowledges of law/industry/implementation and professional partners' suggestion, meanwhile I can ensure all of them legal without crital risk.

I have international thinking.

-I never handle even 1 project 100% based on local. Either the publishers or the developers are in other countries. So I know more about the differences in countries. Know how to use either side' advantage to cover the other's disadvantage.

I work super efficently.
-You maybe doubt whether all the work in my resume are really done by me. I can promise all these are true.I was always the only one to handle international projects remotely in my past jobs because I was the only one that can speak both English and Chinese, know the whole game process, the different cultures between countries. Sometimes collegues didn't want to do the work or learn, I have to do it by myself to save time after enough communication. So the more work I took, the more I learnt and mastered, the less issue or risk my PM work can help the project to avoid, the better the achievement will be.

So look forward to working for you!

Work Terms

game development, product management, marketing, distribution

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