Jimmy Rodela - Writer

Cebu, Cebu City, Philippines

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Jimmy Rodela - Writer

Writing Master / Write-ologist / Ninja Writer

------- My articles are featured on reputable business sites:
- Yahoo.com - http://tinyurl.com/pdxbdl7
- Business.com - http://tinyurl.com/ppuh25p
- Business2Community.com - http://tinyurl.com/lwq4unz

Check out my profile at Odesk.com -http://tinyurl.com/kl2f59z

------- Why should you hire me?

Writing is my passion, I love it and I'll marry it if I can.

I've committed myself into honing my craft by maintaining the discipline of writing at least 1000 words daily and reading no less than 5 articles daily.

No excuses. Whether it's raining or not (though I'd love it if it didn't rain) - I'll write 1000+ words daily.

That's the kind of dedication I have for this career.

My dedication has yield good results, so says my clients. They've been very happy with my work and I know that you will be too!

If you're looking for an experienced writer whom you can rely on to take care of your writing needs, then I'm definitely who you're looking for.

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------- What are my job experiences?

4 Years guest posting and freelance writing
3 Years as a Project Manager/Internet Marketer
6 Years as a Sales / Customer Service Representative
- 3 yrs. with WAMU / JP Morgan Chase
- 1 yr doing sales / lead generation calls for small businesses
- 2 yrs. with Anthem BCBS

------- Who am I?

I'm a Christian, a thinker, a warm and a genuine person.

I proactively take the time to learn and improve myself thus I invest in buying books every month to read about new things, concepts, and ideas to better my way of thinking and how I do things.

I'm a father of two very lovely daughters.

------- Exceeding expectations

Whatever task it is that you need done, do contact me so we can start discussing our strategies to make your project a success!

Thank you for your kindness in considering me for your projects and I hope to hear from you soon.