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  • .NET
  • Architecture
  • Mvc
  • C#
  • Data Architecture
  • Elastic
  • Elasticsearch
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQL
  • Wcf
  • Web 2.0
  • XSLT


  • Senior .Net / Microsoft Developer

    $35/hr Starting at $1,500

    I am a 25+ year veteran programmer with a great deal of experience in C#, .Net, MS SQL. Over the years I have worked on more systems than I can count - from simple single user GUI and console app to... MvcC#


Quality work with a stubborn attitude to delivery quality solutions.

I am a self training, seat of the pants type of programmer with a natural intuition of what makes good software work. I started back in ye-olde DOS days with C and Clipper creating database CRUD type apps for a variety of small organisations before starting my own relatively successful business. I then moved into contracting and full time employment, constantly updating my skills along the way, working for a variety of industries. I am now a senior developer and team leader and am often called on to solve tricky problem.

In my non work life, I've been married and raised 3 beautiful children. Now that they (and the wife) have flown the nest, I am looking for new challenges.

Work Terms

I am pretty flexible in the hours I work but I would prefer longer relationships with about 10 to 20 hours work per week.