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  • Civil
  • Coaching
  • Commodity Risk Management
  • Construction
  • Content Writing
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Forex Trading
  • Information Technology
  • Investment Education
  • Stock Trading
  • Training
  • Writing
  • Yoga Instructor


  • Senior civil construction technician

    $10/hr Starting at $30

    I graduated in higher technical in civil construction, but I am currently a trader of stock markets, I implement training courses and through these I develop or rather enhance the ability to connect with...

    CivilCoachingCommodity Risk ManagementConstructionContent Writing


help people exceed their expectations and reach their full potential

I graduated in civil construction and I do not regret it because it is the job of my family, in that experience I learned self-discipline, teamwork, leadership and commitment. But 2 years ago I met trading through cryptocurrency investment and my interest was expanding to other markets such as currencies, stocks, indices etc. After a while I set out to give training courses through psychological management and emotional intelligence I realized the positive impact it had on people and I think I developed highly effective motivational skills. I do it with passion and it helps me in my own evolution.

Work Terms

I am open to any experience of growth and learning. Where both parties obtain a mutual benefit.