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  • Strategic Thinking/ Planning

    $300/hr Starting at $25

    Development of strategic plans and/or coaching leadership teams on strategic imperatives and how to imagine a new organizational future.

    AnalysisBannerCoachingComputer ScienceConsulting
  • Organizational Development

    $300/hr Starting at $25

    Consultation and support in addressing a broad range of OD issues. Skills/topics such as Inclusion/Diversity, Team Dynamics, Group/Organizational Culture, Leadership & Executive Coaching.

    AnalysisBannerCoachingComputer ScienceConsultant
  • HR Management/Employee Engagement

    $200/hr Starting at $25

    Consult on employee engagement and HR management issues. One-on-one coaching of HR professionals. White-paper creation. Presentations to HR groups.

    AnalysisBannerCoachingComputer ScienceConsulting
  • Training

    $300/hr Starting at $25

    Deliver soft skills training: Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Leadership & Management, Problem Solving, Negotiation, etc. In person. Curriculum design, occasionally.

    AnalysisBannerCoachingCommunication SkillsComputer Science
  • Editing

    $100/hr Starting at $25

    Edit documents not only for grammatical correctness but also for maximum impact and for best English translations when documents aren't created by native English speakers.

    EditingEnglish LanguageTranslation
  • Leadership Coaching

    $250/hr Starting at $25

    Provide one-on-one coaching to organizational leaders and entrepreneurs. Not life coaching but can include topics such as stress management and work-life effectiveness.

    Business CoachingCareer CoachingCoachingEntrepreneurshipLeadership


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