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  • Christian Proofreader, writer and editor

    $15/hr Starting at $25

    A seasoned writer, editor, and proofreader with many years of Christian and church-related writing experiences. Newsletters, and over five years experience in social media marketing in my portfolio. Currently,...

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I'm always reading and journaling. I write songs, poetry, prose, and short stories. In school, I was the editor for our creative writing class two years in a row. I also published some original renditions in a small book, titled Le. (In Swedish that means "To Smile.") Then I had the school print shop print it for me.

With articles about church and youth events, I've put together newsletters for our youth group and church. Using Bible trivia and word games I'd make the newsletter interesting, sometimes tying in parts of the previous sermon to quiz the students, to inspire more interest for the following Sunday service. I'm always taking notes during the announcements, the sermon AND in Sunday school class. I have stacks and stacks of notebooks everywhere with my scribblings, from years and years of note taking!

18 years ago my teenage son decided to go on a 2-month long mission trip requiring over $5,000 in only a few months. The first $2000 was to be submitted within a couple of weeks. Knowing we had to put our faith in action, we prayed and quickly went to work.

While my son conveyed all the facts to me from the mission trip materials, I typed my visionary words onto the keyboard. This had to be more than your average newsletter.

We ended up with a stellar sponsorship letter!

Our son was sincere about going on this trip, but he knew we didn't have $5,000 or the $2000 needed immediately. Busily we handed them out to everyone at church and mailed the rest. Through prayer mixed with faith, we took action.

In less than two weeks he was able to mail in the $2,000 deposit. Within a couple of months, he had the necessary $5,000 and enough for spending!

The following year he decided to go back for three months! We took the same action and got the same results. We know the Lord had His hand in all of this. We also know that action had to be taken on our part, and the sponsorship letter was what God had directed us to do, and He guided me through it.