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  • App Development
  • C#
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Desktop Applications
  • Django
  • Full Stack Development
  • Next.js
  • Python
  • ReactJS
  • Software Development
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  • Software Developer

    $20/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I develop Full Stack applications with Django, Python and React. Desktop application development using C# and automation scripts with Python. I also develop REST and GraphQL API's and AI chatbots for...

    App DevelopmentC#Desktop Application DevelopmentDesktop ApplicationsDjango


FullStack Python and Django developer with a mission to solve user problems with software solutions.

An experienced Full Stack Engineer with a number of projects and system developed and in production. Computer science graduate with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Finance. Skilled in Python, Django, Next.js, javascript and OOP languages like C# and Java.

I have built several projects including, an online school system with Django and React, various REST api's, GraphQL api's and various automation scripts with python.

Loves to build applications, scripts, compete in hackathons, developing tiny games and solve problems.