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  • Abdul Rahim Fahim · Mar 05, 2022

    I am truly satisfied. I got my work done professionally and ASAP! The programmer displayed well technical knowledge of Linux system!

    for Reverse Proxy for Port 3000 in Laravel

  • Abdullatif 2 · Sep 03, 2020

    I am really satisfied and happy for the task done by Kamaldeep. He is professional and I recommend him for all those whom looking for professional support. Thank yoo Kamaldeep and I am sure I will hire you again.

    for Remote support for Ubuntu servers

  • Abdullatif 2 · Sep 03, 2020

    Kamaldeep was professional in handling the task, I am very happy and satisfied with his behavior, knowledge, skills, and doing things in the best expected manner. I recommend him for any professional firm looking for professional support. I will hire him for long term support as a remote support engineer. Abdullatif Abdulla. CIO Horyal Hospital Group.

    for Remote support for Ubuntu servers

  • Darway · Jul 24, 2020

    Kamal had resolved my network issues once again, at the right time, swiftly and promptly. He is a network specialist who will work with you patiently until issues resolved..

    for Virtualbox host/guest network port issue

  • Darway · Jun 25, 2020

    This guy is excellent, he is an expert in the field, linux kernels, networking, virtualbox setup etc. There are issues unexpected encountered, like OracleGuestAddition not auto-installed, kernel and kernal devel versions different and some dependencies missing, we solved one by one to debug and finally achieve the goal. Recommend the guy, as an expert.

    for Windows VMWare/VirtualBox bridge network