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    I am an experienced writer with skills specifically in scientific writing, nature writing, and descriptive writing. I enjoy writing spoken word poems regarding world issues and incorporating them into...

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My mission is to publish rich, enjoyable writing of any genre, providing readers with intellectual, yet easily comprehended, stories that intrigue, prompt, and grip from start to finish.

My name is Kassandra Williams, a current Junior at Davis & Elkins College majoring in Environmental Science. Growing up in Africa, I was introduced to the concepts of racial and social differences at a young age. My acceptance and empathy for others sparked a desire to provide the world with anything I may have to offer. Having spent a majority of my childhood watching and learning to understand animals, I have developed a passion for life and am intrigued by beings of other species. Possessing the ability to reach people with my writing gives me the power to do what I've always wanted--to help others. Using my writing as a vehicle, I hope to enlighten the world on growing issues, such as climate change and the increasing rate of extinction, to help those of all races, religions--and even species.
As for my work experience, I've worked many part-time jobs, ranging from convenience store clerk to dog bather, and have learned to work promptly, managing my time efficiently. I am currently a writing consultant at Davis & Elkins College, tutoring peers in English while revising essays. I am very versatile and excel in writing of many genres. I am able to change my writing style, for example from descriptive to scientific, without hindering my ability to provide meaningful, well-written work.
I am a hard-working, responsible, and dedicated student, top of my class with a 3.9 GPA. I have managed attending college full-time while also working two part-time jobs, attending community service events, and keeping my grades high. I love fast-paced life, and my passion is to get things done.
Of course, I do enjoy activities beside writing (and working.) My main hobbies include photography, art, exercising, and traveling with my two kitties, Cookie and Pocky.

Work Terms

As I am currently a full-time college student, my schedule will shift continuously. Late afternoons and nights will be my most concrete hours of operation. I prefer to be contacted through my email and paid via PayPal.