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  • Darrell 49 · Oct 30, 2020

    As an expectant parent of a yet unborn book that had been only a twinkle in my eye for many, many years, I was understandably on high alert when sorting through the many qualified professionals offering to midwife this baby. After much belabored discernment, I decided to go with Kay for not only what seemed like a wonderful track record of previous projects but because of her specialties in the areas of spirituality, self-help and recovery. I bless the day I made that decision. I used to (egoically) entertain the idea that maybe Kay so loved my project that she went overboard and above-and-beyond her call of duty to give it the care and attention it needed. But then I realized: all of those other top-rated testimonials were there for the same reason. She just does that, goes above and beyond. I only half joke that Kay has a spiritual "trust deed" on my book because of her devoted investment into it of her heart and soul. I look forward to this book succeeding so that Kay can become my ongoing editor for the many sequels that I envision will come about given how she set this one up to win. Thank you Kay.

    for Editor for Self-Published Self-Help Book

  • Peter 1204 · Jul 19, 2020

    Kay is the best! Professional and a great communicator. Working with her was a pleasure and will be the same on my future projects, I'm sure. Highly recommended.

    for Application of revision plan

  • Peter 1204 · Jun 24, 2020

    Kay was very helpful right throughout the whole process lending me the benefit of her considerable experience in the field as well as doing an excellent job. I can't recommend her highly enough.

    for Developmental Editing

  • Blerina · May 17, 2020

    Kay is a talented professional with a great deal of knowledge and experience. Her attention to detail and thorough analysis were remarkable. Would not hesitate to work with her again in the future.

    for Request for manuscript editing service

  • nmgold · Apr 29, 2020

    Meticulous, very experienced, very professional

    for Copy edit magazine

  • Sylvia 14 · Apr 13, 2020

    Kay, is a Godsend! We have been working successfully together for almost 3 years now. Her turn around time is always on time. We work so well together - she just gets it! I look forward to working with indefinite!

    for Query submissions

  • Donna_Rae_Keller · Feb 17, 2020

    This is an editor that should be hired by aspiring authors and published authors. You will never regret doing so. She persisted for over four years to bring my HUGE manuscript to a top-draw editorial finish. She stuck by me during difficult times with encouragement. I doubt any other editor would have hung in there with me for so long a time. My story would have never been told were it not for Kay.

    for manuscript integration & ltd editing

  • Sylvia 14 · Feb 09, 2020

    I can always count on Kay to delivery when working on my projects!

    for Query submissions

  • Rick_Pontz · Jan 13, 2020

    Very professional and thorough in her work. I am planning to work with her again on my next writing project.

    for Query Letter

  • Sylvia 14 · Oct 16, 2019

    Kay’s attention and commitment to seeing my projects all the way through, is fantastic! It allows me to focus and my creativity while she handles the fine print. Dotting my I’s and crossing my T’s

    for Query submissions

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    "Kay is a gifted writer."

    Lawson Inada, OR Poet Laureate & Writing Prof.

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    "You have a wonderful editorial eye."

    Vinnie Kinsella, former Book Edit Instructor, PSU