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  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Budgeting
  • Business Models
  • Product Management
  • Reports


  • Project Management

    $120/hr Starting at $25

    Scope: Gathering and documentation of project requirements. Scheduling: Managing tasks, durations and resource allocations. Managing appropriate resource allocations to ensure delivery on time, with quality...

    BudgetingManagementProject ManagementReports
  • Product Management

    $120/hr Starting at $25

    Gathering and documentation of market and product requirements. Managing traceability of specifications to requirements. Managing changes to Product Scope. Feature prioritization

    ManagementProduct Management
  • Workshop and Meeting Facilitation

    $120/hr Starting at $25

    Framing workshop and meeting objectives and content to facilitate effective decision-making. Facilitate workshops and meetings

    LeadershipManagementProject Management
  • Business Planning

    $120/hr Starting at $25

    Business Model Development, Business Planning and Business Process Optimization Developing a clear Purpose, Vision and Values. Developing financial, marketing and operational budgets and processes

    Business ModelsLeadershipManagement


Achieving Equilibrium by aligning People, Process and Technology with Core Purpose, Vision and Values

We formed EquiCore Consulting, to help organizations solve problems in a way that creates the best value for all; Customers, Employees, Owners, Investors, Vendors and Partners.
We use a framework, that aligns business activities with the organization's Core Purpose, Vision and Values, which results in efficiency and effectiveness in the operations of the organization and among it's people.
Our Services include;
Business Model Development
Business Planning
Business Process Optimization
Product Management Consulting
Project Management Consulting
Risk Management Consulting
Workshop and Meeting Facilitation

Founded: 2013