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Kristyn Fox

A young, outgoing, positive, and relentless writer with a passion for social media and marketing. When the two are combined, magic happens.

Ok, so here's how it began:

It all started with a book report in 3rd grade; we had just finished reading Charlotte's Web, and I loved the story so much I just kept writing and writing... and writing. Before I knew it, what had initially been a 2-page project became an 8-page mini story of itself! That's when I knew that I loved to write. From there, my love grew with creative writing and short stories- I have stacks upon stacks of manuscripts from when I was a mere 8-10 years old. When I was around 12, my mom found an application to the Institute of Children's Literature, so I applied - and was accepted. It was a "Writing for Children & Teenagers" course, and I would send short stories to an editor and edit each story down to perfection. Not only did I receive college credit, I completed the course with a children's book ready for publishing. I was still in Elementary School at this time.

Then high school happened, and I took every AP English class. I already had the passion for writing, but it was my English teacher, Ms. Tapia, who really taught me technical and professional writing. As much as I hated boring book reports, I was (and still am!) very good at them.
Fast forward to college, and I decided to pursue writing as my career. So I majored in Mass Communication & Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communication and a minor in english. I absolutely LOVED college, and I'm very happy with my career choice. After a couple of internships and a work study position, I had sufficient experience under my belt by the time graduation rolled around. Since then, I have worked for a local restaurant chain, a PR firm, and private high school, a theater company, and an architecture firm.

So what do I do? A bit of everything, really. But I love content marketing- so if you need content & copy for your website, a blog, or any social media outlet I'm your girl.
Oh- and if you'd like a press release (or two), I'm sure I can help you out. Let's work together!

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