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New Delhi, Delhi, India

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kunal gupta 6

Patent professional expert

Kunal gupta is a founder and CEO of PatseanIP.

During his career,
1- Mr.Gupta drafted provisional and non provisional patent application in Asia, Europe, Africa, America jurisdiction.
2-Mr. Gupta help the inventor/applicant by performing patentability search for an invention helps in knowing whether it has been disclosed publicly by someone before the critical date of the invention. An invention is patentable only when it is new or novel and didn’t exist in prior patent application and non-patent application
3-Mr.Gupta also gives legal advice to the client for Performing Freedom to Operate Search is also known as Infringement Analysis or Clearance Search to check whether any product or process utilized or carried out by an entity is not infringing on any live patent’s claim.
4-Mr. Gupta do infringement search to find out who uses, making, and distributing the patented invention without patent owner permission. (Royalty earning and licensing)
5-Mr.Gupta Prepared Evidence of Use chart/Claim chart to prove patent infringement in a court against the infringing party who uses, selling, distributing the patented invention.
6-Mr.Gupta do Invalidity search for Defending companies who facing infringement lawsuit in a court by invalidating the plaintiff patent.
7- Mr.Gupta do Patent drafting and patent filing
8- Mr.Gupta do Trademark filing ,Trademark infringement and copyright infringement.
9-Mr. Gupta worked with more than 500+ fortune companies some of them are law firms, Multinational l companies (such as IBM, HCL, wipro, NXP, Denso corporation, texas instrument, infineon , BMW, samsung etc. )
10-Mr. Gupta drafted and filed patent application as an inventor.
11-Mr. Gupta also deals with trademark and copyright infringement issues..
12- Mr.Gupta worked in multiple technological areas such as electronics, telecommunication,automotive, life sciences, biotechnology, medical, chemical, Wireless communication etc.

Work Terms

Kunal gupta working as a patent professional freelancer and handles all patent related work globally. Kunal gupta handles projects such as infringement search, prior art search , invalidity/validity search,novelty/patentability search, EoU chart, patent to product mapping, freedom to operate search etc

WHAT Kunal gupta DO

1-Patentability Search/novelty search
2-Prior-art Search
3-Patent Invalidity/Validity Search
4-Claim-chart /EoU chart mapping
5-Freedom to Operate Study
6-Patent Infringement Analysis
7-Patent Landscapes Study
8-Patent watch
9-state of art search
Database use for advanced searching
1-thomson innovation
2-acclaim ip
5-google patent
6-free patent online

Non patent literature database
1-Google scholar
2-science direct
4-IEEE library

1-Business Methods
2-Chemical Structures
3-Computer Hardware/Software
5-Image Processing
6-Medical Devices
7-Mobile Technology
12-Surface Chemistry
15-LTE,WiMax, 3gpp