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  • Business Consultant / Business Coach

    $125/hr Starting at $125 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I have degrees in various business disciplines, including a MBA. I've also managed multiple departments to include Accounting, Marketing, Quality, IT, and Purchasing. I think how business decisions affect...

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I am fiercely committed to your success. Together we will create meaningful, measurable change.

Why Do I Consult?
I've always enjoyed learning as much as possible in any business. I would have been well-suited for a career in consulting, rather than working for years as a traditional employee, but my own personal life's journey did not lead me directly to consulting. Instead, I did it in a roundabout way, continuing my education and taking various positions so I could learn more about all aspects of business and find ways to leave every department better than I found it. That is what drives me in a nutshell: walking into a business or department and leaving it measurably better than I found it. Working from within an organization, one can get caught up in politics and ineffective busy-work which tends to slow down progress. It is also more limiting and challenging to deliver value beyond the position you occupy. I didn't have an interest in climbing corporate ladders, but I have an intense interest in improving the business' profitability and contribution to all of its stakeholders. I left my last position with an intention of leaving the trappings of regular employment so I could deliver all of the value I have to offer to businesses interested in the help.

Why Do I Coach?
I've always enjoyed talking to friends and co-workers about health, habits, education, careers, and personal development. I've always enjoyed finding out what people are about, what they're trying to achieve, and sharing my own challenges and tools I've discovered along the way. Coaching allows me to take this natural inclination and formalize it into the coaching process. that allows me to connect and serve while utilizing what I’ve learned over the years in goal setting, project management, time management, in addition to my formal coach training. What I enjoy most about coaching is the personal interaction and satisfaction that comes from seeing people achieve their goals and make drastic improvements in their business and personal lives.

Work Terms

I can work hourly, on a project basis, or on retainer. I can provide support via phone, email, text, webinar, video conferencing, file sharing, or other collaborative platforms.