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  • .NET
  • Architect
  • C
  • C#
  • C++
  • Developer
  • MySQL
  • Oop
  • PHP
  • Software Design
  • SQL
  • Unix
  • Windows


  • Sr. Software Developer; C, C# .NET, C++,

    $60/hr Starting at $25

    I'm a Senior Software developer with over 20+ years experience User facing Applications, Middle ware as well as back end development on Windows, UNIX, Linix, I've coded and taught using the following...



reading a proprietory bitmap, calculating images from RLE sequences and creating meta sequences to port to a windows meta file.

Video conferencing application ( contract application that helped launch a startup company).

Completing projects for a warehouse company by poting existing mainframe code and data to a UNIX OS and implementing ( my suggestions vis POCs) user friendly interfaces to better support their business model.