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  • Jack 959 · Apr 02, 2024

    Excellent as always!

    for Copyedit and proofread a short story

  • Jack 959 · Mar 19, 2024

    I must say, I'm super satisfied with the copyediting and proofreading job I got done. Lili totally nailed it! She didn't just fix typos and grammar, she really understood my style. It's like she got inside my head and knew exactly how I wanted things to sound. Plus, she was quick and professional about it. I'm seriously impressed with her skills. If you're looking for someone who can make your writing shine while keeping your voice intact, this is your go-to. Thanks a million!

    for Editing, proofreading needed for fiction

  • exid · Nov 13, 2023

    Great job!

    for LIfe stories

  • exid · Nov 06, 2023

    Great as always.

    for LIfe stories

  • exid · Oct 31, 2023

    Great job, as always.

    for LIfe stories

  • exid · Oct 19, 2023

    I love working with Lili: she keeps the same pace working on my staff, as I do by writing it. This way, I can complete each story and move to the next one without delay. Recommend.

    for LIfe stories

  • exid · Oct 13, 2023

    Very helpful, LilI gives me confidence in expressing myself: she is the first test of the reader's perception. This is in addition to the orthography correction.

    for LIfe stories

  • exid · Oct 09, 2023

    Great work as always.

    for LIfe stories

  • exid · Oct 03, 2023

    Lili did great job proofreading my English, correcting the orthography and also helping me to find the most accurate words to express myself. There is a delicate line for every editor/proofreader - to keep the text compliant with language norms, and at the same time not to prevent the author to be himself. I guess Lili has great talent doing so. Regards, Roman.

    for LIfe stories

  • exid · Sep 28, 2023

    Lili made the proofreading and some editing of my work that substantially improved its readability and compliance with American English norms. Thank you!

    for LIfe stories

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