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Total Feedback Received: 10

  • Cheryl 46 · Sep 15, 2016

    Liz was great to work with and I will definitely be using her again! She was quick with communication and had a very quick turnaround time on the work I sent her. She was professional and definitely knows what she's doing!

    for Newborn and portrait photo editing

  • Paul_Hanak · Aug 06, 2010

    GREAT freelancer. Professional yet personable. Easy to talk to, and produced a QUALITY product I am thrilled about. And we are only halfway done! Highly recommended.

    for Need a MailChimp EXPERT (API too)

  • cmcom · Apr 18, 2010

    Project completed smoothly and perfectly as I expected! I have known Liz for quite a while and have used her for different projects in the past. She surprised me each time when I had a project which requires different skill set. No matter it was printing design, or web design, or presentation, or coding website, she also told me in confidence "yes I can do that". And yes, she did it. I had to use some other constrctors in the past when Liz still had another full-time job. Some had much cheaper rate, especially if they were from India etc. But after a couple of times have to say, this is something "you get what you paid for". So glad Liz is freelancing for full time now. She will be the first one I ask from now on when I have any projects! Six stars!

    for Take photos of products and touch up

  • cmcom · Apr 14, 2010

    Highest degree of professionalism, outstanding work each single time!

    for Take photos of products and touch up

  • Michael_Russer · Dec 01, 2005

    Outstanding as usual. In fact, while in the middle of one project I had Liz do another which she completed without missing a beat --and with the same outstanding quality she has demonstrated all along.

    for FLASH Application Interface Design

  • Michael_Russer · Oct 25, 2005

    This is an ongoing project with bi-monthly billings. Liz continues to perform outstandingly!

    for FLASH Application Interface Design

  • Michael_Russer · Oct 07, 2005

    Liz continues to provide superb creative work and service. What else can I say --she'll likely be doing projects for me for quite some time.

    for FLASH Application Interface Design

  • Michael_Russer · Sep 20, 2005

    Frankly, I was looking for the "best of the best" for this project. It is extremely rare when my expectations are exceeded --rarer still when they are blown out of the water. That is precisely what happened when I saw the very first work that Liz turned in. Her skills and insights for interface design has greatly exceeded all of my expectations. I plan on continuing to use her talents for the remaining part of this project and for others that are in the que. Cannot over state just how good she is!

    for FLASH Application Interface Design

  • Bill_Brawders · Aug 18, 2005

    5 stars doesn't say enough. Liz was extremely competent and on top of the project. Emails were usually returned same day, with issues taken care of equally fast. She moves fast! Her bid was about mid range but she was probably better and faster than bids 2X as much. We outsourced some of the project before and the technology just wasn't there (Liz revamped it). We will use Liz in the future.

    for WebSite back end - Db/scripting

  • Daf_Morgan · Jul 19, 2005

    We are very, very pleased with Liz's (Lingyun Zhu) work on this project. From the very beginning she was the professional, while also very friendly and personable. She set up a very professional project plan and stuck to it. She answered all of my questions and humored me on a few hair-brained ideas - I relied on her expertise in the field for some ideas and she came through to put some really nice finishing touches on the project. All of this was done for a very reasonable fee. We highly recommend Lingyun Zhu for any project and we would not hesitate to accept a bid from her again! Daffydd Morgan Gleiser Communications, LLC Tyler Texas

    for Flash Image gallery