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  • Audio Engineering
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  • Television

    $175/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    M's talents include writing, producing, and directing, a number of music videos and audio or video projects, including promotion of Selena, Julio Iglesias, Rocio Durcal, Edward James Olmos, Alejandro...

    ActingAdobe PhotoshopAdvertisingAirAudio Engineering
  • Voice Talent-Male

    $300/hr Starting at $175 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    The voice for ABC, NBC, CBS, TBN and Univision affiliate TV stations, and on-air talent for many others. While at his various managerial positions including Program Director in large market radio and...

    ActingAdvertisingAudio EngineeringAudio ProductionBroadcast
  • Radio

    $300/hr Starting at $175 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    A quarter century of award-winning voice-over and multimedia production services for Film, Broadcast, and Web based media.

    AnnouncerAudioAudio BookAudio ProductionAudiobook


Over three and a half decades of professional, award-winning voice-over and multimedia services!

To hear M's current voice demos, please visit his website:

About M Lewis....
Full, rich low-end voice timbre that will rattle your speakers, and yet with his vocal diversity, is able to bring youthful and energetic voice-over to life. Not only that, his professional, award-winning experience spans thee decades not only in voice services, but multimedia production services for Film, Broadcast and Web based media as well! He has held positions in large US markets as Marketing and Creative Director for multiple TV / radio stations and ad agencies. M Lewis truly is one voice artist for nearly any application!

Again, to hear M's current VO demos, please visit his website at:

Work Terms

Since you were directed to M Lewis or referred by, then of course the project would need to be awarded to M Lewis and the full milestone/escrow would need to be placed through in order for production to commence.

Retention of Title: The seller (M Lewis Sauerwein) retains title to goods until they are fully paid for.

In the case of, once the full milestone/escrow has been placed, and you perhaps require slight changes in style, delivery or pronunciation in certain parts of your text, they are offered free of charge- providing they are fair and within reason. We rely heavily on the client to provide detailed client input and direction, which includes unfamiliar word pronunciation guides outside of normal, conversational English.

Any changes to the original text will incur an additional fee.

Thank you for your consideration,
M Lewis Sauerwein

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