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  • bonsaiproject · Dec 06, 2011

    Already on my first SEO project, Hitesh did a great job which is why I am happy to work with him also on my second SEO project.

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  • Manni · Feb 19, 2011

    Hitesh and his team have been thoroughly professional througout the web designing period. They have been really quick to make all changes recommended by me, most of them last minute. I recommend working with them.

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  • Manni · Feb 10, 2011

    Hitesh from Madhyam Technologies has been extremely professional is his work. They have always communicated regularly and kept in touch. I have made many changes for my website, right up until the last minute. And they have always agreed to do these. I will recommend Hitesh and his company and I will give them more business in the future.

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  • bonsaiproject · Feb 10, 2011

    very friendly. good explanations (especially for a non-technical person like me.)

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  • Manni · Dec 24, 2010

    So far Hitesh has proved extremely helpful and pro-active and the website development is going to planned time scales. He offers constructive advise when asked.

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