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  • Amazon
  • Excel
  • Business Analytics
  • Consultant
  • CVS
  • Ecommerce
  • Paypal
  • Processing
  • Promotions
  • Reports
  • Sales
  • Templates
  • VBA
  • Web Scraping



Speed, accuracy, analysis and results.

I work remotely for a Los Angeles retailer since 2011. My work includes, but is not limited to, uploading merchandise to their own online store and to I am an expert in creating spreadsheets in Excel for all kinds of purposes: financial, statistical, upload to online stores, production cost sheets, sales reports, purchasing reports, inventory analysis. I am an expert in making sense of large data files extracted in .txt, .csv and Excel formats from different applications, and exposing it in easy to read Excel spreadsheets, with pivot tables, graphics and other ways.

Work Terms

Fluent in English and Portuguese. 10 hours available per week. I can receive payment in US Dollars into an US bank account, checks or Paypal.