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  • Social Media Marketing
  • Corporate Social Media
  • Keynote
  • Social Media Blogging
  • Web Marketing
  • Zoho CRM
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Blog Marketing
  • Business Media
  • Business Models
  • CRM
  • CSS
  • CSS3
  • Custom Facebook Pages
  • E-business Consulting

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  • Website Development

    $15/hr Starting at $200

    I am a profesional in web development for business solutions, i have solid knowledge in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript so i can go through static websites to high dynamic responsive websites.

  • Social Media Management

    $15/hr Starting at $300

    I have solid knowledge in digital marketing, i worked with local companies in my country and i helped them develop a solid CRM through social media, i know how to target products or services, blogging...

    Blog MarketingCorporate Social MediaSocial Media BloggingSocial Media CoachingSocial Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design oriented to Marketing

    $10/hr Starting at $30

    In my experience as a Digital Marketing Consultant i have learned how to target products and services through a visual impact. I have solid knowledge in the iLife suit to make high impact visual on documents,...

    Adobe PhotoshopCustom Facebook PagesGraphic DesignKeynoteWeb Graphics
  • E-Business Management

    $30/hr Starting at $500

    I have experience in all aspects of consumer internet and software. Focus is on product development, innovation, business strategy, and finance, but includes general management, operations, business operations,...

    CRMERPManagementMarketingSocial Media Marketing


I am a profesional guy who is always eager to learn and bring a qualified service.

I am a versatile professional in the proportion of leadership to drive improvements, solve problems, save costs and develop staff. I have a deep knowledge and experience in Lean Manufacturing, keeping a focus of involvement in the activities of the company to achieve greater empowerment of employees in its various activities.
I am proficient in the design, development and implementation of methods, programs and campaigns to improve the quality, innovation and cost reduction in unnecessary processes.
I have a collaborative management style, coupled with excellent interpersonal skills and nature of consultation - I am confident and effective in communication and presentation at all levels of the organization. Analytical thinker, driven by data and knowledge on engineering; able to train the "why" and "how" things to encourage, inspire and motivate diverse teams to achieve and maintain peak performance in the work to be made.

Work Terms

You can contact me through email, depending on the hour i would answer you between 1 to 8 hours later. I am very flexible with the type of payment, because most of all i want to develop myself and help others with whatever it is necessary to improve their business.

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