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  • Design
  • Concept Art
  • Painting
  • Character Design
  • Photoshop
  • Art
  • Concept Design
  • Email
  • Modeling
  • Set Design


  • Concept art

    $45/hr Starting at $25

    Need quick concept art for your team? Or full a concept design of a game level, character or set? With a list of details (preferably a design document) and a theme I will give your idea the foundation...

    ArtConcept ArtConcept DesignDesignEmail
  • Character/creature/monster design

    $45/hr Starting at $25

    Worked out concept to: promotional, modeling reference or in-game use (2D games). The payment rates are the same for concept and set design. The only difference is that the time of execution will be...

    Character DesignDesignModeling
  • Set design

    $45/hr Starting at $25

    Worked out concept to: promotional, reference. This also include props presented in the design or in the design document. The payment rates are the same for concept and character design. The only difference...

    Character DesignDesignSet Design


Imagination is not only meant to be inside your head.

My name is Mark Duisters, I am a concept artist and Asset developer for the Unity Engine.

My main focus in concept art is based on character, set/scenery and environmental design .

Work Terms

Communication is preferred trough email. However Skype meetings are possible once a project is started.

Full artwork copyrights are not automatically transferred to the client and I will remain the copyright owner unless a deal is made about said artwork (in advance of a job or in post), I will always be allowed to use said artwork for personal promotional use (aka portfolio).

Other copyright terms and conditions can be further discussed through mail.

Hourly rates are not negotiable, unless under special conditions, full project payments (full price, half in front, half when finished) or through other deals that can be discussed/offered through mail.