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Freelancer / Provision of engineering consulting services to Electromechanical Consulting and Construction Companies

"MECHATECH ENGINEERING", is a technical engineering company based in Athens, Greece, which was established and operating since 2008, with main work activities focusing on the construction field and on the provision of technical consultation including different types of public and private projects at a national level.
The company holds a professional license by the Technical Chamber of Greece (T.E.E.), under the reference no 13287 (since 17/9/2009), A2 class of technical companies.
The company, based on its records regarding the implementation of various public projects, has been officially registered at the National Registration System (M.E.E.?.) of the technical consulting companies of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transportation and Networks (under the Registration No 25195,15/04/2013).
The company, is registered in the official list of companies (G.E.M.H.) having an official license for operating and offering services in the commercial sector, provided by the Commercial and Industrial Chambers of Athens (Registration No 9806, 20/8/2015).
The company, is member of the National Association of Technical Companies undertaking public construction projects (S.?.T.E.), following an official decision provided by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transportation and Networks (under the Ref. No B1688/1013, 31/12/2014).

Founded: 2008