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    A recent college graduate with a year's experience of critiquing and editing creative works of fiction and non-fiction, as well as writing stories or works of my own. I am capable of working alone or...

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A passionate writer with an eye for the smaller details

I am a someone who has enjoyed fiction in all of its forms since I was a small child. Whether it was watching my brother play video games with rich stories before I was old enough to experience them for myself, the many nights I spent with a lamp--and later, a smartphone--and a book telling myself I would only read one more chapter, or the TV shows that my friends and I would geek out about over lunch, stories have shaped me into the person I am now.

Originally going to college for a psychology degree, I added in an english minor so I could learn how to make my own stories. The more technical side of writing--aka "the editing and polishing and actually making the story good" part--never came easily to me in the past, but I quickly learned how easy it was for me to help others get there through my classes's peer reviews. On nights after we had class, I would be approached by a few people who's work I had critiqued. They would thank me and offer help with my own projects out of class, for which I was grateful.

Although I do not see them anymore, that sense of cooperation and friendly atmosphere has stayed with me as I continue to work on what I hope will be published books one day. I want to continue to pass on that confidence and drive to create to others, as a continuing cycle of help, critique, and new ideas is how we creative types are best able to thrive.

Work Terms

I am available 7 days a week from 6 AM to 10 PM, though I am willing to discuss working outside of this time frame if it is needed. (Some exceptions may apply in the case of health emergencies or personal affairs.) My payment terms are flexible, but I would prefer a clear idea of my wages or payment schedule before accepting a job. Contact through email is preferred, and I will respond within a day to any questions or concerns you may have.