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  • Design
  • Python
  • Software Development
  • Bash
  • Business Process Automation
  • Business Process Management
  • Design Process
  • Embedded Systems
  • Operations Management
  • System Administration
  • VBScript


  • Automating System Administration Tasks

    $10/hr Starting at $25

    I offer automation of system administration tasks using scripts developed in Python, Bash, & VBScript. I also specialize in automating Tivoli Storage Manager system administration tasks.

    BashPythonSystem AdministrationVBScript
  • Developing Python Scripts

    $10/hr Starting at $25

    I write Python scripts/programs to solve a multitude of problems. I can write scripts/programs in both Python 2.x & Python 3.x.

  • Designing & Building Embedded Systems

    $20/hr Starting at $25

    I design & build embedded systems based on Raspberry Pi. I develop both the programs as well as the attached hardware.

    DesignEmbedded Systems
  • Developing Blue Prism Automations

    $10/hr Starting at $25

    Designing, building & developing Blue Prism automations to perform automate a variety of manual tasks.

    DesignSoftware Development
  • Business Process Automation Development

    $10/hr Starting at $25

    Developing automation solutions for business operations, based on Blue Prism, and integrating different modules.

    Business Process AutomationBusiness Process ManagementDesign ProcessOperations ManagementSoftware Development