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  • online data entery form filling,typing.

    $40/hr Starting at $30

    i need online data entery form filling typing,chapcha typing,typing on word and excle,writting notes,adds posting,copy peast ,email sending.

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Online Data Entry area is related to the data input into a computerized database such as spreadsheet documents and other systems

Data entry is a broad term that encompasses a number of occupations. These include electronic data processors, typists, word processors, transcribers, coders and clerks. Additionally the way that data entry jobs are performed may vary, with data entry operators working for micro labor outfits that use crowd sourcing techniques or more traditional data entry

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And while many of the data entry positions listed above fall under the data entry umbrella, jobs that are advertised as “data entry jobs” usually require the least skills and in turn pay the least (Read more about what and how data entry jobs pay.). Specialized data entry positions, like medical transcription or medical coding, require more training and/or certification. And even among general transcription jobs, there are many different types of transcription, which may take more experience and speed than your typical data entry job.

Though many companies only allow those who have been trained in-house to work offsite, data entry can often be done from home. However, many online ads for work-at-home data entry jobs are actually work-at-home scams. For more on scams, see How to Spot a Data Entry Scam.

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