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  • Freelance Graphic Designer/ Artist

    $90/hr Starting at $45

    I'm a freelance designer who also does digital and oil painted artworks. I also can create your catalogues or any brochures from inception to completion, this includes other designs such as business cards,...

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Freelance graphic designer/ Artist with a quick turnaround!

I began freelancing so I could cover a larger range of design work, since then I've designed supermarket logos (and others), signage, catalogues, WordPress websites, business cards and more.

I also have a goal of selling my artworks as I've replaced travel time with painting time and commission my artworks.

On top of that I also do general and product photography which includes those types where you have a clean looking product on a white background.

Work Terms

My business phone is on from 8:30am to 6:30pm business days unless I'm working late and the average Saturday from 10am to 1pm depending on how busy work flow is.

My hourly rate is $90ph and work at a fast pace.