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  • Automotive How-to and Tips Writer

    $10/hr Starting at $30

    I currently work in the automotive industry and get asked basic and in depth car questions and issues on a regular basis. I have a knack for answering these questions for people who have little to no...

    Automotive AftermarketAutomotive PartsAutomotive ProductsAutomotive RepairAutomotive Safety


To help those who do not know, so they know when the next guy (or gal) tries to pull one over they can say "I don't think so" or "ok go ahead" and feel confident.

I am first off a mom to 4 beautiful babies (who are not much of babies anymore), am happily married and work full time as a service advisor for a fabulous automotive dealership that specializes in taking care of our guests needs first without being "that guy" (or gal).

I have been working as a service advisor for approx 5 years now and have worked with heavy duty diesel trucks, to your average everyday grocery getters. I've worked in the cutthroat full commission paid shops and now work in a salaried position. I have worked in management before and know how things flow from the top down.

I love what I do and tend to be able to explain things in a way that the average person can understand so they are confident in the repairs that are being done.

I work full time at my day job and would like to supplement my income with doing something I love when I am just sitting around at night waiting for bed time.

Work Terms

Hours of operation will vary but will be available 7 days a week to write 3-5 hours a day. Payment is due at the time of the final draft receipt. I take payment via PayPal, direct deposit, or wire transfer. If in the Denver, Co area can meet in person one day a week to discuss and exchange. Desired pay will be based on article(s) requested.