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    My mission is to pull the reader into whatever world you wish me to create for them. I am a published author, professional content creator, photographer, artist and independent documentary writer/producer...

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My mission is to pull the reader into whatever world you want me to create for them.

I am passionate about storytelling especially with regards to the human element and the exploration of how we fit into the world around us. I am completely in love with humanity and all its glorious diversity. Almost all of the work I have done in the past has been about celebrating that diversity as I believe it is our greatest strength. I do hold a degree in journalism and did spend some time in my early years working for a local paper but beyond that I have rarely used my degree in the conventional sense.
In 2009 my life changed forever after I travelled to the Philippines to write my first book; while there I documented the interactions that I had with locals and how their shared insights changed my perception of the world in which we live. ‘Truth – My Synchromystic Journey’ explores multiple facets of human nature, our connection to Earth and to the people we share it with. Out of that adventure was accidentally birthed the documentary project ‘Beyond Strength’. ‘Beyond Strength’ follows the heart wrenching journey of a young homeless boy in the Philippines as he finds his way to family, faith and hope. We celebrated the completion of the film and released it to the world in 2018 after 9 years of hard work and dedication to a vision. During our work on Beyond Strength, I was also working as a radio show host on the Blog Talk show Everyday Connection and was in charge of creative content production for the website and blog platform. Our guest list was extremely diverse and covered a variety of themes so I was blessed to have the opportunity to learn and write about some unique subjects. So far life has been a trip, I look forward to exploring more of it through the various projects that I work on in the future.

Work Terms

I am exceptionally flexible with regards to scheduling. My preferred communication is any of the following: this site, email or Skype. My preferred method of payment is PayPal, and I am flexible on the hourly rate when it comes to long term projects.