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  • Hasan 41 · Dec 31, 2020

    Very efficient data scientist and model builder, can solve very complex problems.

    for Matlab code

  • Hasan 41 · Nov 10, 2017

    They are able to use very complex models to extract very profound data analytics that can't be otherwise extracted. Great working with them.

    for Multimode optical fiber problem

  • Dennis_Terwilliger · Sep 03, 2017

    Nina did an outstanding job. She was meticulous in her work. Her communication skills are excellent! I would be happy to work with her again. Thank you, Nina!

    for Excel spreadsheet and report

  • Hasan 41 · Jul 28, 2017

    Nina can solve problems that are impossible to solve. She is a professional, her way of thinking is a genius, Really she is a perfect scientist.

    for Development of transverse modes of laser

  • Hasan 41 · Jun 24, 2017

    Nina is a wonderful person. Really one can depends on her to solve the dificlties. Again she proved to possess extraordinary scientific skills. She is excellent.

    for Gaussian beam propation simulation

  • Jeff_Davis11 · Jun 16, 2017

    Excellent to work with. Very smart. Delivered just what I needed. Delivery was fast and reasonably priced. The output was double-checked and accurate. I would definitely hire Nina again.

    for Excel calculation and report

  • Hasan 41 · Jun 04, 2017

    Nuna is a super hero.She possesses high skills in mathematics, physics, numerical solutions and programming She completed the project in just two days. It also improved it and made it better than I expected. It's fast-working, accurate and durable communication. I was very happy to deal with it

    for Matlab code for optical diffraction