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  • Blockchain
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  • DApps
  • Ethereum
  • Smart Contracts
  • Solidity
  • Web3
  • Altcoin
  • Contracts
  • Tokens
  • Arbitrage Trading Bot
  • Bitcoin
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  • ICO | NFT | DAO | Staking | Swap | Defi

    $45/hr Starting at $500 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Our team specializes in offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of blockchain projects and decentralized finance (DeFi) initiatives. With expertise in ICOs, NFTs,...

  • Blockchain-Powered Real Estate Solutions

    $45/hr Starting at $3K Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Our team specializes in providing cutting-edge blockchain solutions tailored specifically for the real estate industry. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, we offer a comprehensive suite of...

  • Web3 Dapp | Wallet integration

    $25/hr Starting at $500 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Our team specializes in providing comprehensive Web3 decentralized application (DApp) website development and wallet integration solutions. As pioneers in the blockchain industry, we offer expertise in...

  • Blockchain Custom Bot Development

    $65/hr Starting at $3K Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Our team specializes in providing advanced blockchain bot development services, focusing on arbitrage trading and sniper strategies utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Flashbots, ChainLink, Lens...

    AltcoinArbitrage Trading BotBlockchainBot DevelopmentC++
  • Arbitrage trading bot | Sniper bot

    $50/hr Starting at $4K Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    The project incorporates a platform that allows for building a Defi Arbitrage system. This includes the following key features: ⦁ Opportunity Finding System ⦁ MEV Bot ⦁ Automated Trading ⦁ Risk Management...

    AltcoinArbitrage Trading BotArbitrationBinanceBlockchain


Solution Provider

Since our founding in 2021, Ninja Solutions has grown from a small startup to a leading full-stack blockchain technology team. We have gained a reputation for providing quality work and dedicated customer service, serving a diverse range of clients from different industries. We have developed a wide range of blockchain-based applications, consulted on numerous projects, and engineered innovative infrastructure solutions. As our clients' needs and the blockchain industry have evolved, so have we, continually improving our services and adding new solutions to meet the demands of the marketplace.

Founded: 2021

Work Terms

As a full-stack blockchain technology team, Ninja Solutions provides comprehensive services for our clients. From blockchain-based applications development to consulting and blockchain infrastructure engineering, we aim to provide all the resources and expertise our clients need to achieve success. We have a dedicated team of blockchain experts who work diligently to create cutting-edge solutions for our clients, ensuring efficiency and reliability every step of the way.