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  • Product Designer

    $9/hr Starting at $120 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I am skilled in Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Fusion 360, AutoCAD 3D and AutoCAD. I have over 600 hours of engagement with these softwares, and have pretty much awesome understanding and abilities, to...

    3D CAD3D Design3D ModelingAutoCADAutodesk Inventor


Seeing is believing, and a 3-dimensional view would clear all of your doubts.

I love to draw, hence I studied engineering. I completed college, but I still loved to draw, hence I took design classes. Engineering graduate in an automobile workshop, who spent spare time designing. Hurray! I left the workshop, and got into an oil & gas company for internship. I love to draw, and I began at the drafting department. I draw really well, my pre-planned 3 months duration at the department was extended to 1 year (Apparently, the artist couldnt be allowed to leave). I love to draw, my boss taught me new tricks, I did duties others couldn't, spent evenings in the office practicing my design workflow, learnt what my boss didnt. I love to draw, departments began to bid for my services.

Lol, well "It's been a year, let me join a new department". I joined a new department, but, why am I still drafting and designing for the old department, "oh, I love to draw".

In the new department, I calculated, wrote reports, studied , but something was missing..." I opened a Youtube channel, to continue drawing". I travelled for my masters, it's challenging, but "A lizard doesnt become an alligator because its in the lake", I still love to draw.

I draw and I design, I lose track of time...It's a genetic mutation, I feel awake.

Hi! My name is Ola, can I draw (model) for you?

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Preferred communication is through mails. It allows me to refer to previous discussions.

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