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  • Oluwasetemi · Feb 06, 2022

    Okay. What can you say? Oluwatise is many steps above your average run-in on Guru. A TRUE PROFESSIONAL! Oluwatise exudes professionalism and honesty runs through his veins. His patience and willingness to help, in EVERY area from beginning to end, appears to know no bounds. I asked Oluwatise for his professional opinion and vision on a website and I just do not have words. The website simply doesn't have a critique. It is professional, aesthetic, vastly above expectation. He is an amazing person who is ready to help you succeed. 100% I will buy again recommend am satisfied

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  • Oluwasetemi · Feb 03, 2022

    It's been great working with oluwatise

    for Shopify E-commerce store needed

  • Oluwasetemi · Jan 22, 2022

    Working with oluwatise was quite interesting and direct, he understood properly the instruction and requirement of which he was given and he did a very good job with it

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  • Oluwasetemi · Jan 20, 2022

    It's nice working working with him, we are still working though. The work is not completed yet

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