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  • Music Production and audio engineering

    $50/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I have been producing and mixing and mastering audio for 18 years. I am advanced with advanced certs from Aubrey Whittfield. i have examples of my own production work and mixes/masters that I did for...

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My mission is to create great music and vocals or mix and master your produced track to take it to the next level; preparing the songs for release.

I started listening to Michael Jackson in 1989 on Tapes and then cd's with my neighbor. I loved his style and lyrics and I memorized a lot of his songs by heart and began my vocal career early on. I then. joined chorus for 8 years and learned to sign and act in broadway plays we did. I always got the solos..

At age 13 I discovered by brother's "tunnel cd mixtape". I still remember the first song which went "red light, green light". I fell in love with house music in the 90's.

I started my career in IT at age 17 and was always into computers. This made me love technology and I got into music even faster, I wanted to make my own tracks like Jonathan Peters and play them out.

In the process, and I didn't know this at the time; I was doing gain-staging and getting my early productions out of the reds when they sounded really badly produced.I produced on and off until today and spent tens of thousands on hardware and software which is not needed but it sped up my processes and I got great at producing by 2018 9I was 32);

I realized though that my mixing skills as a DJ and as an audio engineer were superb so i started leveling up other people's mixes which you can see at mixingandmastering,com.our-work

MY DJ sets are on

My dream is to DJ my own tracks out at clubs or sick venues, but I love being an audio engineer as well and producing; especially remixes!

Please check out my socials and don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Work Terms

Communication is key. If you can make time for Zoom or texts we will have no problem making sick music together. Maybe release on my label if it is "too experimental" for labelradar heads.

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