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    I am a freelance writer with a good command of language, able to work under time pressure and produce quality work. I am interested in working with you! I have vast knowledge in business, finance, science...



Is it really the right thing to do? Then do it.

For someone to live a meaningful life, there has to be a goal that one is pursuing. My passion is education outside the classroom walls. By this, I mean continuous feeding of my curiosity in all circles of life be it science, arts or business. I am a postgraduate mechanical engineering student, a certified student in business and environmental management.
I have written loads of self-motivating essays all originating from my personal experiences. I wrote on topics like self-awareness, effective communication, life, eradicating poverty and hunger by introducing new engineering technologies and staying motivated. A thought just brushed through my mind, why not share this amazing stuff and bring value to people's lives.
Writing to me is natural, it connects me to my childhood memories, helps me deflate depressing thoughts and allows me to fully express myself.
In conclusion, there is a story that inspired me to consider writing seriously. I have a friend who finished her masters in engineering. She is currently not working so she began her career as a full-time writer. She has declined job offers because she was better off as a freelancer, recruited other writers to help her accomplish more work. Writing is like creating a world where you freely express your thoughts, emotions and ideas , add value to people's lives and learn from yourself.

Work Terms

Someone may ask, what are my hours of operation?
I am available from Monday to Friday, from 06.00 am to 04.00 pm (GMT+1). I do not work on weekends. Every other day I am available.
Someone may wonder, what are my payment terms?
I believe payments can be done when customers are beautifully satisfied with the work I present to them. Any below standard work, dissatisfaction or grievance should be pointed out and I will make all efforts to ensure that you get the best quality work for every dollar you are willing to pay.
Someone may ask also, which communication style do I prefer?
I use email for my professional communication. I check and monitor my emails regularly so it is easier and faster to communicate that way.

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