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  • Altium Designer
  • Arduino
  • Arm
  • C
  • Communications Security
  • Digital
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Electronic Design
  • Embedded Systems
  • FPGA
  • Home Automation
  • LabVIEW
  • Medical Software
  • Microcontroller

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  • Electronic Engineer

    $9/hr Starting at $25

    Electronic Engineer. I work in digital applications, embedded systems and signal aconditioning and measurment

    Altium DesignerArduinoArmCCommunications Security


I'm electronic engineer, responsible and with a lot of knowledge in digital and analog electronic

I'm Electronic Engineer, graduated from Universidad de La Plata, Argentina.
I work since 2008 in freelance electronic projects. I have experience in
- Digital designs
- Microcontrollers (PIC, ARM, etc)
- Analog signals
- Signal conditioning and measurement
- PCB design
- Signal processing
- Automation
- Robotics

Work Terms

Everything can be agreed. The communication method can be mail, guru messages, whatsapp or others