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  • DirectX
  • Opengl
  • Computer Vision
  • CUDA
  • Glsl
  • OpenCV
  • Opengl Es
  • Vuforia
  • Webgl



bid Carefully , finish wonderfully.

I am a senior developer pro of GPU Computing, Computer Graphics Programming and Argumented Reality.
I have been working in these fields for 9+ years.

Before, I have worked in several company and I became a senior programmer.
But I thought that I should became a manager, so I became a self-employed .

My main skill is follow.

- Computer Graphics
? OpenGL, OpenGL ES, GLSL
? DirectX, DirectX HLSL
? Unity Development
? WebGL
- GPU Computing
? Vulkan
? OpenCL
? DirectX 12
? ARKit
? ARCore
? Kudan
? Wikitude
? Vuforia
? And so on..
- OS Handling
? Window, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android
- Mobile Development
? Android & iOS
- Development Tools & Frameworks
? Visual Studio
? Xcode
? Android Studio
? Nvidia CUDA SDK
? Nvidia Nsight(GPU Debugging Tool)
? Qt

In particular, I have an experience for Mathematics, such as Geometry of Analysis, Stochastic Theory, CG Mathematics, Algebra of Matrix.

I want to work high project with my skills.
I can work in full time.

Please find me if you are interested.


Work Terms

I like skype for discussion and I use paypal with payment.