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    $200/hr Starting at $3,000 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    For more than two decades, I have been helping a host of small and medium-sized businesses with my expertise in finance/accounting. I have repeatedly increased net profits and margins. I have broad experience...

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Maximizing cash flows for companies

For more than two decades, I have been an entrepreneur, financial executive, and consultant with several start-ups, as well as, a host of small and medium-sized businesses, wherein I have repeatedly increased net profits and margins. I have empowered the owners of these businesses to realize the initial dream associated with starting their businesses – freedom.

In my role as CFO/Controller for many companies, I managed back office functions such as Finance and Accounting, HR and Administration, and IT of the firms, which allowed the owners to do what they do best – sell their products and services, and grow their businesses. In every instance, I have helped increase the net profit of the companies by at least 25% immediately. I helped one company double its net income in one year, and quintuple its net income in just four years. I helped turn around another company from 3 yearly straight net loss to an annual net income over a quarter of million dollars the very next year.

I have strength in learning quickly and analyzing financial data to business situations, and yet I see the big picture. With my top 5 Strength Finders God-given abilities being Learner, Maximizer, Deliberative, Connectedness, and Analytical, I love to learn difficult concepts and I learn them quickly. I maximize mine and others’ talent in doing the tasks at hand. I take serious care in my making decisions that are sound and effective. That is why I was able to strategize with the CEOs and Presidents of the companies to increase net profits at least 25% within a year.

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