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  • Writer and Editor

    $11/hr Starting at $31 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Highly motivated, possessing enthusiasm and drive in scribbling detailed annotations that enlightens and are cogently expressed. Interested in applying knowledge and solving problems in proofreading and...

    ArtBudget ProposalsCopywritingEditingEngineering


Wearing passion right on my sleeves, a cutting edge service is assured on the basis of mutual benefits.

A highly motivated cool dude, possessing enthusiasm and drive in the application of knowledge in this copious environment we find ourselves. An editor and a footballer very interested in solving problems, fun to be with and a CHRISTIAN. I enjoy playing video games, watching football (official fan of Manchester United Football Club).
Currently studying Materials and metallurgical engineering in the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria. Beneficiary of internships in the oil and gas and Polymer recycling sectors.
I think am a shy guy who doesn't mutter especially but my friends do not agree with me, maybe you find out.

Work Terms

Hours of operations will be in respect to your preferred time of delivery of service, communication via email ( is all right.

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