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    $10/hr Starting at $100

    Hello I'm a certified Web developer i've been working on many types and categories of projects i've been working with angular since 2017 and recently i created a whole banking app with angular for the...

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Senior Frontend Developer at FlairsTech

I'm a computer science graduate (2017) first on my class .
I hope you don’t judge on me by my years of experience but with what i’ve learned in those years.
I know Angular , Java , Spring boot , Node js , Firebase android & web , Polymer JS,HTML5 , CSS3 , JavaScript, c++,c#,python, PHP, wordpress, Laravel but my main passion is in Web and android ,
i have Experience on working with client side applications such as Polymer and Progressive web apps ,
I can make an app from nothing and that is what I want to do for the rest of my life