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Starting out in Washington State, and moving about the country from being in a military family has given me insights to the minds of people.
I spent much of my free time pouring over documentation and experimenting with Windows and Linux to learn how these things functioned. I learned a great deal and was amazed at the possibilities.
After growing up and going to college for a little while, I paused to get a job. Later I attempted self-employment after I resented the facts that my skills, despite their value, counted for nothing, and I receive limited pay. I turned to self employment to find out that I had no business skill. I failed.
Later I went to back to college to finish my Bachelor's in Project Management. When that was over I was quickly hired by a firm that does Warehouse Management Systems. They were the best in the industry. I learned a lot about what consultation is, what support is, and how a business really is ran (a business degree isn't business experience, but it does help to identify the dots that are put together). Later, I moved to Texas to start a new job as a support lead at a project management firm with Fortune 500 companies as clients. It's a large global company. You might have heard of Faithful+Gould, that is them.
The job entails a great deal of support, design, and research. I am responsible for the functionality of three separate environments (some to more extent than others), must maintain AD servers, Linux servers, Windows Server servers, SQL Server servers, Oracle servers, WebLogic, IIS, Tomcat, and so on.
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I'm fully employed and my employer gets priority. That will affect delivery times, and support capacities.