Balikesir, Balikesir, Turkey

Yearly Stats: $1,242 Earned |



Senior Software Developer

I am a senior software developer having 10 years of experience in the field. I receieved my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering Department in Istanbul Technical University. I have mostly taken part in enterprise application projects in my working career.

Here are my skills:
- I am competent in Object Oriented Programming. I have good grasp of design patterns, SOLID principles, clean coding best practices etc.
- I am familiar with architectural concepts like Domain Driven Design, CQRS etc.
- I have good knowledge of Functional Programming concepts (pure functions, side effects, higher order functions, immutability, function composition, functors, monads etc.)
- I am experienced with Relational Databases.
- I am experienced in UI development for Desktop, Web and Mobile platforms.
- I am capable of providing well written unit tests.
- I am experienced with bug tracking and team collaboration systems like Jira and Fogbugz.
- I am quite fluent in English. I can provide well written technical documents.
- I have good communication skills and I am open to have discussions with team members or clients.

Windows, Linux, Web, Android

Java, Javascript, C++, C, Php, SQL, PLSQL

MySQL, Oracle

react, redux, semantic-ui, immutablejs, react-router, jest
spring core, spring mvc, hibernate
swing, jide, itext, mxgraph

Development Environments/Tools
Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, Git, SVN

Work Terms

I can work 40+ hours per week. I can adapt my schedule according to your timezone. I am always available on skype and will be available through other channels if requested.