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  • Test Prep

    $30/hr Starting at $30

    Competent Associate Professor experienced in distance learning using Skype, capable of teaching all levels of undergraduate mathematics. Proficient in tutoring math component of: ACT, SAT, GRE, Praxis...

  • Mathematics course and test developer

    $50/hr Starting at $2,000

    During my many years of teaching postsecondary mathematics and statistics, I have developed new courses, authored diagnostic and exit exams, and proof read for publishers and testing companies. The...

  • Mathematician

    $50/hr Starting at $2,500

    Masters from the University of Florida, plus several courses beyond Masters. With my strong background mathematics and statistics, I assure you that I have a solution to your challenge. Having spent many...



proofreader, editor ,mathematician

While pursuing a doctoral degree in mathematics at the University of Florida, I proofed and edited a version of the mathematics portion of the College-Level Academic Skill (CLAS) Test required for teaching certification and most undergraduate degrees in Florida.
Also, as a graduate teaching assistant at UF and an adjunct at Santa Fe College, I contributed to departmental exams in whichever courses I was teaching.
During my teaching career at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, each of five faculty members (myself included) was responsible (biannually) for creating four similar diagnostic/exit exams for each developmental class. For the college level courses, we each created two versions of a common final for two courses based on the course objectives. All exams included a rubric graded portion that gave students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and method of solving a problem. When the finals were complete, all department members proofed the exams.
While a faculty member at several institutions, I have also had the opportunity to read and comment on chapters of texts before publication.

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