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  • Valor · Jun 15, 2015

    I was blessed to have Tania apply for my job. From the first work sample she delivered to me all the way until the task's completion, she proved herself exceptional in every way -- readily taking on more work, working throughout all hours of the night, and pouring her own enthusiasm and creativity into the project to make sure everything was done to perfection. She adapted very quickly to feedback and changes in the job parameters and on many occasions went beyond the job description to aid in the success of the mission. I found myself compelled to increase her salary again and again because of the level of excellence she delivered, and yet still never really felt like I was paying her enough! If you want someone that you can trust with the highest standards to take care of your projects and see them through to completion, Tania is the professional you are looking for.

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    I have to tell you how AWESOME Tania is. She has changed my life - I may propose soon. :) Thanks so much for sharing her with me.

    Emily Chase Smith, Esq.