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  • Tiki_Shabudin · May 27, 2004

    Just in case anyone is thinking this is a plug(because I wonder the same thing sometimes when I see these reviews)... I'm an employer based in Malaysia and Ricardo is a pro in Brazil. And I'd like to say that this gentleman is extremely dependable. Not only did he finish my project within budget (VERY well within budget), and within then short time frame I gave him (2 days), but he delivered what he promised and then some. On top of all that, he is also very personable. If anyone were to give their project(s) to this man, I'm confident they will find his work to be more than satisfactory.

    for Tesaurus

  • Rick_LaRue · Feb 19, 2004

    great work ethic,delivers when he says he will ,could not ask for a more professional to do work on my website

    for programmer needed