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  • Edward_Smith2 · May 28, 2008

    Great provider. Terry really goes the extra mile to make his clients happy. The man really knows his stuff... our small issue was resolved with skill and finesse.

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  • sam_butler · Jun 12, 2007

    We have just begun working with Terry. We awarded him the job because of the amount of initial work he put into his bid. We allowed five programmers to bid our project and Terry was in constant communication the entire time, telling us what he was learning and how he could make our project the best. The amount of work and his communication skills ahve given us a great deal of confidence. Not to mention his technical background is outstanding. We will update this review after the project is finished, but I am sure we will be very satisfied.

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  • Craig_Coussens · May 24, 2007

    We do recommend Terry's work. He has completed our project within a very reasonable timeframe and within budget.

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