Randolph Obah

Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

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Randolph Obah

I will write your stories, thoughts, and feelings, in any form: A love letter or Nostalgic Free Verse poem, Blog Content or Articles, Screenplays or Novels, Fiction or non-fiction.

I obtained my first degree in Filmmaking and I am a few months away from receiving my Masters Degree in Media Management. I have training and recent practice in Film Production and Criticism , Advertising and Copywriting , Photography , Video Editing, Screenwriting, Marketing, Contracts, and Strategic Management.

I worked as headwriter on a non-profit television production concerned with abuse in all its ugly faces. Currently I write screenplays for both film and television. However, I want to explore other areas of writing. I would love to Ghostwrite a book.

I started taking writing seriously when I found myself drawn constantly to the structure of the lyrics in my Presbyterian high school hymnal, and decided, in a moment of naively arrogant but still unregretted folly, that I could easily write some of those.

Tem years later, having devoured stories from whatever source I could find, I still hunger for stories--To hear them, to tell them, to share them. I therefore recognize how important a client's story is to the work they commission. I understand that I am a privileged beneficiary as well as burdened trustee of something essential to the very existence of that client.

I love to race against deadlines- The rush is exhilarating- and I hardly miss any. When I have, I have compensated by offering to write a next piece for free, or more reviews on the current work than commissioned.

My training and practice in academic research makes it easier to deliver technical work that is both timely and original. My upbringing in a communal environment makes my storytelling richer, and my experience of tragedy and loss-most importantly - makes me human

Work Terms

I will work for at most 9 hours a day at a rate of $25 USD a day. I am also happy to consider interesting stories and projects below (but not extremely far from) my going rate.

I will deliver the work on or before time without a compromise on quality. I will also review the work three times at most, after which I will charge $5 USD per review.

I am available for Skype interviews at agreed times.

All transactions with me will have to be through Guru, for assurance of both parties.