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  • Automotive Engineering
  • C++
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • Image Processing
  • Qt
  • Qt Modeling Language (QML)
  • Qt Programming
  • Signal Processing
  • Software Development
  • TortoiseSVN


  • C++/Qt Software Engineer

    $25/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Experienced C++ software developer - 8 years of experience in C++ - 3 years of experience in Qt/QML - 5 years in Automotive Industry - background in Image Processing and Signal Processing

    Automotive EngineeringC++GitGitHubImage Processing


I used best practice is software development.

Freelancer/Company Owner

I have about 8 years of experience in the programming industry. All the programming jobs I had until now were related to C++.
- I graduated Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Computer Science department in 2009 as a Software Engineer.
- I work about 2 years(2008-2009) as a C++ Junior Software Engineer, in Mobile Software development at Neusoft, Cluj-Napoca
- I graduated Master Degree in Signal Processing and Image Processing at Ecole Centrale de Lille, France (2010)
- 2011-2016 I worked as a C++ developer in Automotive Industry (Softing 2011-2012 and Garmin 2013-2016). I also worked with Qt/QML for about 3 years.
- 2016-2019 I studied Acting at the Babes Bolyai University from Cluj, to further explore my hobby
- in 2016 and 2020 I worked as freelancer programmer in various C++/Qt/QML projects

Founded: 2008

Work Terms

I'm more into the project-based approach. I'm available about 40hrs/week.