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  • C#
  • Unity 3D
  • iOS
  • PHP
  • Android
  • Developer
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • MySQL
  • Programming
  • Xcode


  • Experienced Unity3D/C# Developer

    $20/hr Starting at $100

    I'm a developer since 2003... After a long time working with Java, PHP, Pascal/Delphi, Assembly/PIC, C/C++, LSL, ... Now I'm absolutely focused in Unity3D/C# since 2011. Developing apps for iOS, Android,...



My focus is a good relationship with the client, a smooth and clean development to reach a great project. Satisfactory is the minimum you can expect from my dedication

I'm working with codes since 2003, with "technical school" learning Pascal/Delphi, etc.. After with Computer Science I go through C/C++, Assembly/PIC, Java...

In short: I worked with a lot o languages and tools when I finally decided todedicate all my time to study something that I really love in the programming... Games and funny projects! So, I chose the Unity to start in this new journey, and I'm glad with my job now.

I'm now a Unity3D Developer and that's all folks :)

Work Terms

I will create a good document with the requirements of the client, if not provided.
I'll manage all the tasks in some tool like Trello where the client will follow any step of the development, including documentations in GoogleDrive.
About hours for week or price... Any project a new discuss.
I prefer to use Skype, to keep a frequent communication.