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Diamondback Design Group desires to provide value through our experience and expertise in support of the unique needs to the building industry.

Diamondback Design Group was established in 1996 to support a niche market specific to the Semiconductor Industry.

This specific focus of “Tool Installation Design” has since expanded to include diverse Mechanical, Electrical, and Piping (MEP) infrastructure services. As a natural progression of the multitude of Mechanical and Electrical systems involved in Semiconductor Facilities, Diamondback has provided numerous facility upgrades and refurbishments. Our familiarity of a variety of process equipment and industrial requirements allows us to design layouts for clean, efficient, compact, accessible and safe use of equipment and services.

The following list is a summary of our design services for our clients. We often analyze and trouble shoot existing systems for needed flow and pressure distribution. For each of the following systems, we carefully specify the appropriate materials, components and controls as they relate to the material or process involved. Priority is given to safety and environment when all else has been considered in benefit of our client. Listed below are our specific areas of expertise, which encompass projects in BIM, Semiconductor, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Healthcare Services:

Process Cooling Systems
Piping Systems
Heat Recovery / Energy Reclaim
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning HVAC
Industrial Ventilation and Exhaust Systems
Electrical Systems
Environmental Engineering
Hazardous Materials Management and Inventory
Process Gas Systems
Chemical Distribution Systems

Founded: 1996

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Please contact me anytime to discuss. (602) 300-2759

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